A Literary Journal of Sex Writing
Sexology is a literary journal dedicated to thoughtful, personal examination of sexual behavior.

The brain is the sexiest organ...
We have some incredibly provocative, arousing work here that we're hoping will make you think, sweat, and breathe heavy. At the end of each poem, story, and essay is a sign in button so you can make a comment and hopefully engage in discussion about the themes of each piece. My hope is that Sexology will be a journal where we can use quality writing to examine sex in our culture.

As the submissions for Sexology have been pouring in, we've noticed that very few people write their sex stories as nonfiction. The reasons for this are probably obvious - perhaps writers feel ashamed, nervous about sharing such intimacy - but also maybe a little dismaying. If we don't claim our stories, do we miss an opportunity to explore an issue about sex more honestly? Does it matter if the stories are nonfiction or not? Does it change how we think about sex? Please share your thoughts below.


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